Redlands Primary & Nursery School


All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”Pablo Picasso.

We value our children here at Redlands and they are at the centre of all we do.  Our time engaging in a creative curriculum allows the individual child to develop social skills and encourages self-expression and teamwork.

We aspire for each learner to become confident, emotionally intelligent adults.  Teaching our students about the key elements in art and enabling them to obtain skills in a safe environment gives each individual a sense of achievement and develops a growth mind set.

In addition to our routine art lessons, we hold an Arts Week each year; celebrating other artists and learning from them.  We have special events, where everybody (students, staff and governors) in the Redlands community gets involved.  We invite and learn from other professional artists and performers too!  

…And of course we value all that is created by our budding artists, displaying it in and around our school creating an environment we are all proud of!