Redlands Primary & Nursery School


Eco Club

Redlands began its Eco Journey in 2006 with the planting of a few carrots in a small tub. From this small seed we started looking at other ways in which Redlands could improve how we teach about living sustainably which has grown into today’s achievements. Eco stands for Ecology which is the study of all living things.

To become a Green Flag school you first have to apply for and achieve bronze level, silver level and gold level certificates. After this you can try for Green Flag status. This international award is held for two years before having to re-apply. Once held for 10 consecutive years the school is granted permanent Green Flag status. We currently hold the gold level status at Redlands and In May 2018 we will be applying for the permanent Green Flag award! 

To gain Green Flag status, you have to cover 9 doorways of Eco. These are Energy, Water, Litter, Waste (known as the 4 R’s – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Repair), Travel and Transport, Healthy Living, Biodiversity and Global. Each of these areas in turn covers a wide range of subjects. At Redlands we cover all of the doorways all of the time during lessons and in the many activities that our Eco Team carry out through each week.

We have achieved many awards and won a large number of competitions over the past few years. We are now focusing on taking our Eco message out into the local community more. We have taken part in many local events - planting trees, helping to keep our area litter free, radio adverts and information leaflets as well as international events like Earth Hour, environmental days and paper free days along with raising money for third world countries.  Our Eco Journey, once led by school staff, is now at a stage where it is led by our pupils who meet during their lunch break and are now overseen by Mrs. Dodds. We are very proud of our Eco achievements and always have a number of projects on the go covering all of the 9 doorways of Eco.