Redlands Primary & Nursery School


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5                                              Class 12 - Mr Thom                                                Class 13 - Mrs. Brownhill

Hi and welcome to Year five!

During Autumn Term we are studying an exciting period in history; World War II and how it affected children. We're looking forward to sharing our brand new topic with you!

Year 5 Autumn 2017


Year 6                                              Class 14 - Mrs Hollinger                                        Class 15 - Ms. Morgan O'Neill

                                                                  & Miss Brownson

Hello and welcome to Year 6!

We have lots of exciting things to look forward to in Year 6 this term including a visit from Partake Theatre Company, a water sports activity day at the Mill Adventure Base and DARE lessons with the fabulous Officer Hand to name but a few. By the end of the term we will be experts in all things Victorian and in December we will even spend a day living as Victorians at Newstead Abbey. We’d better be on our very best behaviour when we visit Newstead as we’ve heard Mr Webb can be quite strict!
Have a look at our topic web to find out more about what will be going on in our classrooms this term

Year 6 Autumn 2017