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At Redlands our curriculum is based on the Focus Education ‘Learning Challenge’ approach. This means that our pupils play an active role in helping us to create lessons which are relevant, interesting and meet the learning needs of all pupils in the class.

After being introduced to a new topic, which may be through a story, video clip, artefacts or even an off-site visit, children are asked to think about an interesting question they would like to investigate. We ask parents to help children to come up with their own ‘BIG question’ and each child’s question is then displayed in the classroom under the heading ‘What do we want to find out?’ As the topic progresses and we answer our questions, they are moved to the ‘What have we found out?’ section. If you walk into our classroom at any point during the term you will be able to see exactly where we are in our learning journey.

Teachers also create a number of BIG questions to be answered during each topic to ensure that all National Curriculum objectives are covered.

If you would like to find out more information about our school curriculum, please contact:
Mrs Laura Hollinger
 or Mrs Gemma Willford