Redlands Primary & Nursery School

Reading at Redlands

Every child's reading journey at Redlands starts with the Read, Write, Inc programme. During this time children read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts from the RWI scheme. By the time children reach Key Stage 2, we offer them a broad and balanced reading curriculum using a range of texts. Whilst we do not adopt a specific reading scheme within Key Stage 2, we do offer children a variety of quality texts from a range of schemes, also highly engaging texts, with which children can link their topic learning with reading and writing.

Establishing high standards of pupil achievement in Reading is a priority at Redlands Primary School. Within lessons, pupils receive direct teaching of reading alongside writing, spelling, and speaking and listening. Children learn about a range of different text types, and about the key features of each text. To engage readers we have dedicated reading weeks and author visits throughout the year. We have several initiatives set up to support children with their reading – Redlands Readers and Switch On readers. Both of these offer support and encouragement for children, giving them that extra boost on their reading journey.  By adopting these approaches, children leave Redlands with a well-rounded love of reading that continues for the rest of their life!

We appreciate how difficult and challenging the reading journey can be for some children, if you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or the reading leader: Mrs Woodcock

At Redlands we value the help of any parent who may wish to come and read with children on an individual basis. If you are interested please pop into the office for further information. 


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