Redlands Primary & Nursery School

School Council




Redlands School Council is a group of pupils who have been elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our School and its surroundings. It consists of two children per year group, from Years 1-6. The councillors are elected by class members after planning and executing a speech as to why they would make a good councillor.

 Redlands School Council meets regularly, with Mrs Jones, to discuss ideas and feedback any communication from each class.

 Last year our School Council:

  • Visited the Council Offices, in Worksop, to look at the buildings and meeting rooms and to take part in a democratic election. (One of our children’s artwork was placed on the Council’s Christmas card, circulated around Bassetlaw!)
  • Raised funds at the Christmas Fair (spending to be decided later on in the year)
  • Given the children of Redlands a voice by discussing problems that the pupils feel need addressing

We are looking forward to tackling any issues that arise, throughout the year!

In addition, two members of our school community have also been selected to be part of the Worksop Town Council. These pupils represent our Academy at meetings held every month at the Town Hall and discuss "Worksop and District" issues.