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Once children are in Key Stage 2 (Year 3) they are given the very valuable opportunity to learn to swim, funded by School.  All children in KS2; yr 3 - yr 6 will swim over a half term (approx' 6 weeks). Children are transported to Worksop Leisure Centre by school staff, to swim on Wednesdays' at 10:30am-11:30am. Parents/Carers will need to provide a suitable swimming kit as outlined below and a towel. Parents will be informed when it is their child's turn to swim. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you can spare the time to be an observer during your child's swimming lesson for the duration of the half-term.

 School Swimming Guidance For Parents

KS2 Swimming Kit

  • Full swimming costume
  • Tight-fitting swimming shorts- not baggy style shorts with pockets
  • Towel

Children with hair at shoulder length or beyond, must tie it back for all physical educational activities for safety reasons.
No jewellery of any kind is to be worn. Children can not wear a plaster to cover ear-rings 
(Staff are not permitted to remove ear-rings for children or to look after items of jewellery in case of loss). 
Wearing of swimming goggles is not recommended by The School, School Swimming Services or Worksop Leisure Centre for safety reasons. If you feel it necessary for your child to wear swimming goggles please sign and return the disclaimer to the class teacher.