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Religious Education

At Redlands we intend to provide children with a well-rounded view of the different world religions which will be accessible to all. We aim to guide children in their understanding of the key elements within each religion, how these are celebrated and to promote tolerance and understanding towards all religious beliefs. We want to fully equip our children to live in a society of diverse religions and to develop positive attitudes and respect towards other people who hold views and beliefs different from their own.

It is our role to ensure pupils are being inquisitive, by asking questions about the world around them by allowing pupils to gain high quality experiences.

We will deliver a curriculum that:

  • Celebrates our diverse community 
  • Inspires creative learning and progression of knowledge that builds upon previous learning and personal experiences
  • Our curriculum embraces the community in which it is situated, recognising local places of worship including our local church - St Johns
  • Is inclusive, develops self-confidence and identifies that all our children are unique and therefore we should all be tolerant of each other’s beliefs
  • Encourages our children to be inquisitive about others beliefs, developing inquiry based R.E. skills that allow them to be culturally aware of the world around them
  • Promotes equality and understanding of the British values and ensures they are prepared for life in modern Britain

We follow the Nottinghamshire County Council agreed syllabus which is taught from nursery through stories and celebration days up to Year 6.  

We aim to promote self-reflection and for all children to understand how their own beliefs and ideas are both similar and different to others around them.  Every child should leave Redlands with a deeper understanding of their own opinions/beliefs and tolerance and respect for the opinions/beliefs of others.

We will enhance the children’s experience of R.E. further by offering enrichment experiences in school, regular visits from our local pastor, Captain Tim, and weekly collective worship in assemblies.


Religious Education Knowledge Progression Document